To say I am excited is an understatement. As I type this my new Membership site is being built and it is going to be…


Can you tell I am excited? Not only will it pull in a different dynamic to this site but it will enable me to be really personal with the members, they will have my undivided attention and I can make the difference I was put here to make.

So what will I get if I join? I hear you say.

There will be so much value within this that you won’t believe it. If you decide that this is something you would like to invest in then these are just some of the benefits-

  •  A monthly newsletter that will be topping you up with lots of inspiration, quick fire journaling prompts, spiritual elements, guest bloggers, anouncements, freebies and info that will help you gain clarity within your life.
  •  Zoom call or live once a month where you will get the opportunity to ask questions, I will deliver trainings and you can suck up the vibes!
  •  Monthly guest zoom or live from a HUGE personality that can help with motivation, inspiration and clarity.
  •  Thinking about adding a very personal group where we can throw around ideas, help with any questions and become a powerful community.
  •  Unlimited access to ALL of my courses. I will be uploading from spirit as I go so you will be privy to all new courses that I create – which is super exciting. Some of these courses are worth £500 upwards – it really is no brainer.

This is a new venture and there will be lots of new things being added along the way. I am looking into actually posting some stuff out to you, welcome packs and other awesome perks.

Never a dull moment on this journey!

So who is this FANTASTIC VIP membership aimed at?

I thought long and hard about this question. It is a HUGE subject within the coaching world to know your audience and to market directly to them. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t.

With this in mind I am using my manifesting skills to bring in those that will not only benefit from my guidance within journaling and finding clarity but that ultimately, those chosen will want to be nothing but themselves!

This is your calling! I am talking to you!

You will feel the pull, you will know my craft, you will sense my gifts and you will want to be a part of something that will guide you into believing that you are enough, you can do anything and to believe in yourself and your gifts.

It’s all about nurturing what is already there with journaling, tools and other techniques that I myself use.

What makes my site different to other sites?

I am not your average!

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of my clients have to say about me.

Abby has helped me with my anxiety more than any Dr or psychiatrist ever has. She has a knack of really understanding where I am coming from and knows what journaling prompts will work for me. Awesome lady, can’t recommend enough. 

Lilly Bell

I had no idea how to start journaling or find clarity in my life so I asked for help from Abby. I haven’t looked back. Because she knows first hand what its like to feel this way she just knew what to say and how to help me. Love this girl so much. 


I have been a client for Abby’s for a while now and she still doesn’t disappoint. I asked for her help with my business because she seemed to talk my language. There are so many coaches out there and you can get sucked into it all. I chose Abby because I resonated with her message.


If you want to learn how to journal, slow down and be yourself unapologetically, then Abby is your girl. I will be the first to sign up to her membership site even though I have brought most of her courses. She is down to earth, super passionate about her clients and has an empathy that I haven’t felt from an individual in ages. Love this lady. 


Blessed is not the word. Even now when I read these after reading them a thousand times I feel like I am walking on air. When you know that what you are doing and putting out into the world is making such an impact, things begin to slot into place. Life doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Bottom line…I want to help others like me. Those that feel lost and overwhelmed in the normal hustle of coaches, courses and handing over wads of money that in some cases, is well over priced.

When all you want to do is invest in a coach but you still have blocks that won’t allow you hand over 4 months rent without wanting to cry. All you want is someone to hold your hand, tell you everything is going to be ok, inspire you and be apart of something that will disrupt the norm.

If you feel the feels when you read this then we need to chat and see whether the membership site is going to be a good fit for you.

This way for magical beginnings…