I didn’t know that I loved writing as much as I do until I met Abby. She has a flare for the creative and the way she teaches spoke to my soul. She has such passion and a HUGE personality. I also relate to her struggles which made our coaching relationship so much deeper. Truly magical experience.

- Stacey

I kept hearing about someone called Abby who was amazing at teaching people how to journal. From my own experiences I found it hard to keep to, so I got in touch. After taking 3 of her courses and now on the waiting list for her membership site, I couldn’t be happier. I now understand how to use journaling to balance my emotions and release what doesn’t serve me. I am excited to apply it to different areas of my life and grow as a person. She made this possible.

- Taylor

“I have just started working with Abby on a 1:1 basis as she has just opened up a few slots and I am blown away already. I didn’t even think I needed coaching until I spoke with Abby, who was willing o help me before we even started the sessions. I got a sense of peace from her words. I have had a few calls now and I always leave buzzing. She has a contagious energy that leaves me feeling like I can do anything I set my mind too, which is why I started working with her. We are going to create amazing things. Couldn’t recommend her enough.”

- Samantha