I remember having a conversation with a friend who was in the early stages of her business. The first thing she said was “Why am I reacting to stress all the time?”. We went through all the things that were stressing her out about her business and life. Then we set out some journaling prompts to get her teeth into.

We started small but the impact of each journaling prompt really made her think. Each time she sat with a prompt and answered it honestly, she had a mini breakthrough. While watching intently as she unfolded her stressors, I smiled. After about an hour of off loading, journaling and talking them through she looked at me and said…

“Everyone should have an Abby”.

That felt AMAZING! It feels like I have spent my whole life trying to make an impact in this world. Little by little changing the way people think about things. Starting on a quest to really help people learn to use journaling to help with the well being.

My mental health has always been a battle of balance.

Being bipolar used to be crippling but I learnt along time ago that journaling helped me managed. Then I applied to my business and it helped me grow. I then started applying to my manifesting game, my relationships, my spirituality and everything else I could use it for.

Journaling became my management tool. Stress still came thick and fast because owning your own business comes with stress but I handled it so much better knowing that I could work through it and find the answers I was chasing. I realised that the answers to the questions that I had been asking myself my whole life were inside of me and the way I pulled them out was journaling prompts.

When I decided to make journaling a part of my life and from then on things became easier to deal with. I could journal whenever I wanted. Once I had journaled through whatever was laying heavy on my energy I would feel lighter and would have clarity. I fell in love with the feeling of peace that it gave me.

You would always see me journaling as a child but I never really understood the power it possessed. My love of writing stories, building plans and visualising through journaling what my future would be like changed the way I processed things. From writing in a little notebook everyday to answering the biggest riddle of my life. Journaling had saved my life.

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