I took 4 days off. I dropped tools and said ‘no more’ on Thursday. For those that don’t know, I am a co-director of a mortgage and protection business with my husband. Last week my soul was not happy with me.

My full focus was going on Mortgage Squared and the balance was toppled. I was STRESSED out of my mind. My soul and human – needed to balance.

This post is talking directly to those souls that have side hustles they would rather not have, full -time jobs that they hate and those that have chosen to take on self employed ventures that can be SUPER stressful at times.

Women who know there is more to life than the humdrum world of humanness.

The human fact of the matter is we all need money to survive. We need to pay our bills. We need to pay our rent/mortgages. And we need to create money to have freedom within this human world. But when you are given a piece of knowledge that completely rips a hole in all of the above things, life can start feeling VERY out of balance.

You look at coaches out there harping on about how they do next to nothing all day, allow themselves time to heal, making money in their sleep and not batting an eyelid at bills. It feels next level shit, right? Half of you are thinking this is complete bullshit and the other half of you desperately want to live this life.

I am at a point in my life where I choose my souls work over all things human, but the transition is not an easy one. Can you imagine just telling my husband that I am choosing to believe that money is an illusion and to make more money we have to trust in ourselves more and it will naturally be attracted to us. He will think I have gone completely fucking crazy!! More so than usual anyways!! lol

Where is the line ladies? Where do you start to pull away from the human side of life and begin to step into the spiritual, soul aligned work? Where is the balance?

It doesn’t matter how many times I go over this and how many times I try to figure out the best way to make the minimum amount of money to feel comfortable within life, I am ALWAYS nudged by my guides to stay focused and to stay in THAT space. The space where anything can happen. Because it really does happen if you believe it so.

Money is an illusion – FACT. There is no changing this.

But why do us humans struggle so much in parting ways with the old way of thinking? What makes us feel that we NEED the basics to live and the rest can be attracted with the knowledge and wisdom from our guides?

Why do we constantly fight to stay balanced within a job, venture that doesn’t light us up but does pay the bills? How can we move away from these toxic, energy sucking roles and move into a more soulful space.

Balance isn’t obtained by resenting, forcing, pushing against or walking away from something you dislike. It is all about…

Asking the right questions. Whether you believe in guides, inner wisdom or your own intuition this is the way forward. The more you ask the more trust you build with yourself and your inner wisdom and the more opportunities are placed in front of you (manifesting)

I don’t believe for one second that the souls that have seemingly found their inner wisdom and are connecting to this daily started like this. I think they started where we are now. They had bills to pay, they were in debt, they struggled and worried until they realised that this space wasn’t where they wanted to be and they changed the narrative.

Soul and human balance is where you need to start. There has to be a balance and only then can you begin pulling away from things that tarnish your shine. Make that decision NOW because it is the first step to your future.

Next blog will be about how to use writing to channel your guides.

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Much love ladies.

Abs xxxxxxxxxxxxx