Journaling…what can I say…

I get asked what exactly is journaling and how can it help, a lot. People seem to have so many different opinions on what journaling actually is and how to use it effectively.

Journaling is super simple and yet it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to manage your mental health, reduce stress and learn so much about ourselves.

I first stumbled upon journaling when I was younger. I used to write down my feelings because it helped me process them easier. They were way too big due to losing my mum at an early age and I needed an outlet. I put pen to paper one day and I couldn’t stop. The words rolled out and I instantly felt lighter and able to deal with things so much better. I learnt quickly that using the power of the written word was just as good as speaking to someone about my issues. I would use my journal when I needed clarity and when I thought that my head would explode from all the creativity that whirled about inside it.

For me, journaling is a life style. You have to make space in your life to truly embrace the magic of journaling and understand that its purpose is to help you answer questions from within. There are obviously many ways you can use journaling from keeping a diary, tracking moods, using particular prompts, channeling anxiety and depression, manifesting, creating ideas to writing down tasks, to do lists and basically organising your life. It is a simple practise of putting whatever is in your head onto paper and finding a solution to it.

Beings always tend to ask lots of questions and get frustrated when they can’t be answered and we forget to ask ourselves. That might sound crazy to some but we are much more powerful than we think.

Our subconsciouss mind runs the show

and I find journaling is great way to talk directly to that part of the brain. There are no distractions, no rules or boundaries and we are free to write what the hell we desire.

A lot of my clients find it hard to start journaling because they weren’t being truthful with themselves, they tried to control the outcome of the jouranling session or they let the thought of them doing it wrong take away the authenticity of journaling.

Within this section I am going to be uploading lots of easy tips to start journaling and how to fall in love with it. I can show you how to start, how to stay consistent (your pace) and how to use it for different areas of your life. I think it is a necessary thing for people to add to their lives and biz to help create and maintain a life and biz they love.

Watch this space for more tips on how to utilise journaling to the best of their ability.

Till next time

Abby x