I have spoken to so many ladies about when the right time to start is. I get the same answer every single time. I will start when I am ready!

We’ve all been there!

But we all know the truth behind this because we have all been there at some point. We feel that everything needs to be tip top before we launch that course. Or our website needs to be pristine before we can share it.

It is all bullshit and deep down we know it.

There is no right time. You will never be ready. Nothing you do will ever be perfect enough that you feel super confident it will go the way you want.

Huge slap around the moosh right? It really doesn’t have to be. When we say we will start when we are ready, what we really mean is…we are scared. There is fear behind this sentence. Being ready is our safety net becasue if we don’t start till then, nothing can go wrong! Never turns out this way and we have been putting off whatever it is, for absolutely ages.

Some of us may have even started feeling anxious about the outcome of actually starting something. This sucks as it can really deflate you and your business.

We need to replace this sentence with something stronger!

Theres no time like the present! Start now and think about it later! What is the worst that can happen? Take risks and see the rewards.

There is no better time than to start that new project that has been filling your head for days. The time is right to launch that course because people need it right now. Couldn’t be a better time to start that book you have always wanted to write because it will help you stay sane. I could go on people.

I will start when I am ready … is obsolete. I won’t be using it again because I know from my own experience that keeping things bottled up creates worry. It intensifies the feeling of being out of control. It breeds fear. And it can topple your dreams if you believe it.

For all those that are sitting on the fence about one thing or another, really look at the bigger picture. If you at the very least, get the ball rolling, then you will reach your goal much quicker. If you sit on your idea, then it will dwindle and you will lose the will to move past the fear and do it anyway.

Stay safe and start today…

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