Well ladies, what a messed-up situation we are in. I have struggled throughout this uncertain time and I continue to go up and down each day. If you feel the same, I got you!

Just a few months ago our lives looked like they were about to blossom. I had decided I was confident to publish my first journaling book. I had set up the membership site and was ready to launch. Mortgage Squared, our family business was doing well. And our home life was running smoothly.

Fast forward to now and its like living in a horror film with no way out.

No matter where you turn the dreaded C work is stalking. It is on our tele, our radio, on our social media EVERYDAY, it is spoken about every minute – it is stifling.

Personally I have chosen to stay away from the news until we have updates, I try not to get sucked into the social media side of things as I end up crying at the devastation it is causing and don’t get me started on the people that aren’t taking it seriously.

So we find ourselves in a really difficult predicament.

We have to stay inside, we have to sort out finances, we have to be careful of everything we do including shopping, we have to stay sane, we have to teach our kids, we have to look after ourselves, we have to restrict the use of social media, we have to make a living – OVERWHELM MUCH!

My anxiety has been through the roof lately. It is the not knowing that has taken its toll on me. When I know the plan, I am there in full body army ready to fight! But if you are beating round the bush and telling half a story I tend to buckle under the pressure.

Some days are much better than others but the anxiety is still very much there. I have had so many people pop into my inbox wanting to chat or needing journaling advice. So much devastation and heart break all at once. I am like a sponge to it. Empaths have a habit of soaking up the collective energy of others.


For me focus is my main aim from now. I am always going from project to project because it keeps my mind busy but now is not the time to be greedy with my energy. I need to pull back and reserve my energy for the things that matter to me. Going forward, this blog will be something I use to filter my thoughts as often as I can. It will also be an insight into how things are going, updates on new developments and a nice chit chat.

My new books out now to buy!!

I will be promoting my new book because this is my baby and I want people to get excited about something in the post. It has practical steps for you to follow if you wish to add journaling to your life and biz. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lulu.com%2Fshop%2Fabby-rowe%2Fthe-little-book-of-journaling%2Fpaperback%2Fproduct-24472709.html%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR12jR0aONRFzT3KZgY8CQ3tGmoSuoYchMTqbYvXPCTMjaJpGWM-aC_uc-k&h=AT1pRi13UEXeM2QqDhbuq_bJEkovRqkuJW7xRj8jgTZApE_JY5LsCS5VHlE4hhR1mCVSgISyXOXKxpo0sdxQ8rFdCqGS6-vcedCj7pBAtGIyK9aUkAoZgqEKxIBg5r4cDmI

I have created a new Facebook group for those that love to read called Imagination – one chapter at a time. In here I will be sharing chapters of my stories I am writing behind the scenes. I think this will keep people busy and they will look forward to the next chapter each week. https://www.facebook.com/groups/203163600963006/about/

Taken on two new courses and reading lots to keep busy. And also keeping the family business ticking over. Oh and lets not forget the normal life stuff like keeping my little boy happy, feeding everyone and staying sane.

We will make it through this ladies!

To anyone that is feeling the pressure right now please know that you arent alone in this. You may feel completely lost but there are people around you (via phone or online) that can be your support and guidance. I can feel peoples energies are feeling very scatty at the moment but things will calm down. We will get used to being in and we will find other ways to shine our lights.

Keep doing you boo. Hold your chin high. Continue to let your imagination flowing.

Anyone that needs to hear this right now. Your so loved an this will be over soon.

Catch ya next time.