What does it mean to become magnetic? I see the words thrown around a lot and I was always very envious of anyone that could crack the code until I managed to become this myself.

I realised a while back that this shit takes time. I threw myself into building a business without knowing just how much it would take to do so. I didn’t give myself the time or space to understand that I would change, continuously throughout the journey I had set myself on.

Becoming magnetic wasn’t even a thing when I started.

I understood The Law of Attraction but after picking holes in it due to my mental health I was led to believe that I couldn’t attract who I wanted to. I was always told that I had to be a certain way to achieve this. Little did I know this was correct, but it wasn’t the certain way I was being told repeatedly by other coaches.

“Your energy is too chaotic”

“It feels messy and will confuse your people”

“You need to be centered and meditate every single day to get where the top coaches are today”

What a load of horse shit! When you decide to become magnetic something happens internally. You go through all the emotions that we usually do. As k ourselves a billion questions about whether we are worthy, can we really do this and why would people invest in me? Then after finding out what doesn’t work, we either give up completely or we decide to grow anyway.

Then the magic starts to happen.

At that pivotal point within our lives and business we take that first step beyond what feels comfortable. Trusting in our intuition, we connect with something that is higher than ourselves. And then comes the flood of other worldly ideas, messages and guidance. Instantly our bodies begin to vibrate at a new frequency because we have noted to the universe that we are ready to step up and become THAT person that we have dreamed of throughout our journey.

The questions arise again. Is this real? Am I going crazy? Will people think I have lost the plat? What happens next? And then like magic the messages some through and this time you listen. You have spent too long trying to do this on your own and now is the time to start listening to your inner wisdom, your spirit guides.

Finally, you can stop all the noise within your industry, and you tune into YOU.

You start doing the things that you want to do and not what someone is telling you again. Every single step forward feels delicious and you share all of you. You are NOW becoming magnetic because you are not holding your soul back anymore.

People spend years trying to figure out how to be magnetic to their crowd. The secret to this is simple. Don’t take stagnant and forced steps forward. Make channeled, soul led decisions that fill your heart and soul with pure contagious energy – your people can smell this a mile off and they will want to bask in your energy, dance with you in the rain and invest their time, energy and wealth in you.

It is easy to attract your people if you do the inner work that gets you making that all important FIRST step. That one move that is going to crack you open and allow you to tap into the beautiful gifts that you have within.

Becoming magnetic means – COMPLETELY being YOU!!!!

So much love and hugs Abby

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