Welcome beautiful beings,

My name is Abby Rowe and I am in this world BEING myself!

If i had to label myself I would go for something like guidance coach or inspiration leader. I am also a published author – http://www.lulu.com/shop/abby-rowe/the-little-book-of-journaling/paperback/product-24472709.html and journaling expert.

Those that follow me know I do things differently. I NEVER conform to the norm. My offerings are always out of this world and I will never give up on my dreams or yours.

This beautiful website has been created to hold all my passions and to serve as a reminder that you can have your cake and eat it.

My purpose in life is to serve other soul-led entrepreneurs and help them find their way through life’s obstacles. Journaling is my tool of choice. Whether that be inspire through my words, teach them to journal to find their answers, lead by example from the struggles I have experienced myself and still battle through or with one of my magical offers listed below.

Be…This is the energy where you need to start!
What does ‘being’ actually mean?
Be, Do and Have is a model that some people go by, most will talk about the SMART goal setting, but I hated this as it was about measuring and this wasn’t in my vibe.
I want to know that if I BE myself, BE in my own power, BE the owner of my inner world and BE happy within my own skin, then it will make the DOING easy.
I will then DO from a place of abundance, I will DO what makes me happy, I will DO because I WANT to NOT because I have to (forcing never works)
Then I will HAVE exactly what I have pulled in from all the aligned Being and Doing.

Current offers include:

1:1 coaching (Starts from £499 per month on our 12 week program): (we can create something bespoke for you)

I love to work with female entrepreneurs that are not only building their business but they live with a mental illness. I help them to embrace their inner power. You will learn to do business differently and in a way that feels right to you.

This is a bespoke coaching experience where we build the teachings together. Instead of me telling you what you should be doing we are going to go deeper than that. You hold all the answers, I help you retrieve them. A truly magical experience.

Journaling membership site (£25 per month):

This is my current baby and I LOVE THE MAGIC it has created. It is a container like no other. Once you step inside you will learn to nurture your inner power. You have me by your side for the duration and you learn in a group of other ladies. When living with a mental illness it is hard enough living life let alone building a business, this is where you will learn how to adapt journaling to ALL areas of your life and business. Step inside this AMAZING experience by clicking the Journaling Membership button on the front page or click here https://www.pinkfizzz.co.uk

Courses (prices vary):

I literally have course for everything and if I don’t have what you are after, I will create it. The basis of my teaching is if you like what I say/write and you want to learn something through me, then we can have a chat as to the best way we can work together. All my students go away feeling energised and able to tackle the problem head on.

Watch out for our flash sales, these offerings are not to be missed and will appear every month or so at a steal. You get access to these teachings for LIFE.

Freebies – We always have some juicy little freebies knocking around – find them in the offers tab.

Please feel free to download my NEW quick start journaling e-book here https://abbyrowecoaching.lpages.co/quick-start-to-journaling-main-page

Accountability: FREE.

I am a teacher, a guide, someone who will support you in your beautiful unfolding. I am driven by how inspired you are to change what you are now. My drive is to see you happy within your chosen path. My goal is to teach you how to TRULY be yourself and the rest will naturally fall into place. No forcing, no resistance, no bullshit – pure energy! I give away valuable content left, right and centre because I believe we all need guidance. Check out the blog here https://www.pinkfizzz.co.uk/blog/

We all need someone to believe in us. Someone who can see beyond the skin and straight into the soul. A guide that can take our hand and lead us through to beauty and love.

If you love all things spiritual, love magic, think outside the box and need a little inspiration from time to time then we are going to get on like a house on fire.

Take a look around, you might find something you like.