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Hello beautiful beings,

The excitement is REAL! I can’t believe I am to be re-opening my website and concentrating on my BRAND-NEW BLOG and VIP membership site.  Over the past few years I have been soul searching, digging deep and pushing my own boundaries which led me full circle back to writing.

Writing helps me to centre, align and ground myself.

Since I last hosted this gorgeous site, I have been a bestselling author, I have released some awesome journaling courses, I have grown as a person and I have realised where my purpose and passion lies.

Like a lot of you, I spent so long procrastinating and over thinking this that I got seriously distracted from what it was I was meant to be doing. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have it all figured yet but I do have so much to show you!

While away I had a massive identity crisis. I couldn’t pin point whether I was a coach, blogger, influencer, author, healer, spiritual teacher or journaling bad ass? My realisation – I was all of the above but I didn’t need to state which one I was at any one time. I didn’t want a label because this had caused me no end of stress and overwhelm.

Still learning to be me – fully! I think we lose ourselves within the maze of labels, pressure and free information and forget who we are. We tend to focus on who we THINK we should be and that leads us nowhere fast.

Before, I would hide the fact that I was a spiritual being that loved all things magic and woo. I hid my secrets away from prying eyes in case they judged me and made me feel less than myself. Now I couldn’t give a shit who knows, I embrace my spiritual side every day. I create and practise rituals, I trust in my crystals when I am feeling low and I believe that there is so much more to this world and the next. It is laid out to be explored and played with.

Intentions are a great thing!

My intention for this website and my life going forward to is to be nothing but myself.  My whole life has revolved around writing and I have strayed from this path far too many times, so I brought myself back, I admitted to myself that this was my journey and I wanted to delve deeper into it.

Hence, I am back with an empowering, inspiring and magical blog that will have you feeling all the feels. I will be adding guest bloggers as I have met some amazing ladies on my journey so far and I believe that they should showcase their skills and inner magic too.

Without boring you half to death with the intro I want to welcome you into my world. A chaotic, introverts, extroverts messy but magical little world.

I want to show you what I have learnt so you too can finally be you and feel like that is enough. I want to teach you how to believe in yourself and that anything is possible.

Stay true to yourself and believe in the magic that resides within.

Smooches, love and light.

Abby xx